25 Songs Challenge- Day One


Hey there friens!~

 So to kind of boost content on this blog, I decided to take the 25 Songs- 25 Days challenge! Every day there will be a new song from me with some theme pertaining to that particular song. Let’s go!

 Today is day 1! A song from my childhood…


ohhhhh my god..

 Alright so the song i’ve picked for today is of course “hot potato” by the Wiggles. I remember spending hours watching the Wiggles day after day, immersed in..well, whatever they happened to be up to at that moment. 

 I’m not sure why I was so entranced by the Wiggles. I just know a lot of others were too. I feel like if I put the song on at three am, however, it would be very interesting.

 Here’s a link for you all to listen, if you haven’t somehow already heard this song.




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