Random Thoughts – September 26, 2016

 Herro friens~

 How are you today? Good? I hope things are good.

 I don’t think i’ve mentioned how much I like Social Repose yet what is this. OK. So he’s a youtuber right? But he is really cool and I admire him and and his music is good ok. I’m not obsessed or anything..ha. But I do admire the effort he puts in to his youtube, and I hope that mine will grow to his level someday. 

 Anyway, I got off topic. Basically I mentioned him because I got tickets to the SayWeCanFly/Johnnie Guilbert tour. (Social repose will be included as well). I am so so excited ah. 

 The Harley outfit is coming along nicely by the way. (If you want pics check my  snapchat x.xchloekittyxx) I’m so excited to get the heels for some reason. I don’t know, I just really wanna wear them cause they look cool. Her whole outfit looks cool duh but the heels especially.  

 Ok I don’t know what else to say sorry. baaaaaaaaai~~

 – Chloe Nightingale

 Current favorite song: The Maw by Social Repose


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