Random Thoughts- September 23, 2016

 Hello friens!!

 So it’s officially fall now! Huzzah! Also, happy Friday. If you couldn’t tell, i’m in a pretty good mood today. Firstly because Fridays mean weekends, and weekends mean down time. (This weekend does, at least. Yay for four-hour shifts at work!)  

 Anyway, can we please discuss fall now? I really love fall, and I know it sounds basic af. Pumpkin spice is seriously the best though. Like what’s better than pumpkin spice? Wait, pumpkin spice cookies. Now i’m hungry ugggG. 

 I’ve been having some pretty bad issues emotionally lately, so that’s why there hasn’t been another youtube video up for a couple weeks. It will for sure be up some time this weekend, so look forward to that? If you watch my videos, that is. It’s just an about me tag because I figured it would be good to let people know more about me considering I just kinda appeared on youtube and was like “Hey i’m emo” It’s sad, but true. My first video is possibly the most cringy thing ever, i’m hoping my more recent videos aren’t like that though. 

(Also, pumpkin bread. And pumpkin pie. annnnd pumpkin spice lattes. Sorry, i’ll stop now.) 

 In other news, I have about two weeks until I get to go see Bastille yay! I’m pretty excited and i’ve kinda been listening to Wild World for the past two days. That and Panic! at the Disco. 

 Because I joined Brendon Urie’s cult ya know so hey gotta keep on top of dat good music there. I also recommend you join the cult. It’s pretty chill, we got cookies and stuff. 


P.S. the Cancer cover is actually really good. 

– Chloe Nightingale

Current favorite song: “Lethargy” by Bastille


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