Random thoughts- September 19, 2016

 Herro there, friens

 Ok, so I haven’t been updating this as regularly as I had originally planned. (sorry :c ) Things have been just sorta tough emotionally as of late. Anyway, people keep telling me I need to watch Hannibal. I think it’s on netflix? *Casually watches it for 10 hours straight and emotionally has sympathy for a cannibal/serial killer*. 

 I’m behind on youtube videos as well. Grr. 

  Oh! Small update, my hair is a different color again. Or..color(s)? It was originally going to be a really light blonde, kinda like Draco Malfoy’s. I ended up having a lot of leftover red in it from a couple years a go when I dyed it like a dark dark purple so. That shiz is hard to get out, let me tell you. So basically it’s like silver on top and blonde on the bottom. That’s because my stylists chose to put purple toner on top and blue on bottom to cancel out the orange tones. So..technically I do have Draco Malfoy hair! It’s just on top. Ha. 

 In other news, if you haven’t heard, i’m planning to cosplay Harley Quinn this year. (For con and Halloween). I’m pretty excited for it. 

 Have a good day! :3

 – Chloe Nightingale. 

 Current Favorite song: Johanna (Reprise) Sweeney Todd – movie version


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