Random Thoughts- September 13, 2016

Hello there, friends!~

 I am in an unusually good mood today because of a new relationship, yay! I am actually not one for relationships..mostly because I am not good at them. However, I decided it would be beneficial to me to try again. So that’s what i’m doing. :3 This person is particularly special, so I have faith that things will work out. 

 In other news, happy Supernatural day!!~

 I love Supernatural more than I love a lot of things, in all honesty. Supernatural is just such a good show. (Not to mention everyone in the cast is pretty much god-like). Misha Collins is such a precious bean ya gotta admit. If you watch SPN, who is your favorite character and why? My favorite character is Castiel because he is just so precious and smol. I don’t know how else to describe my reasoning, I am just drawn towards him. Perhaps it is because of his childish nature? Something I can relate to, I suppose. 

 Something else, I will be uploading a new video at some point tonight! I don’t have to work, so that allows me to spend more time editing and uploading which is really nice. (And, of course, watching SPN because I still need to catch up ug. I’m on season 11). 

 Anyway, that’s all for today. :3 Hope you have a good day, friens! 

Favorite song today- “Fake It” -Bastille

 -Chloe Nightingale 


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