Random Thoughts – Sep. 8th -2016

Hey there friens

 Today has been pretty uneventful. I was supposed to go to school but called in sick because I have been hella exhausted lately tbh. Still trying to get used to the whole work and school thing. I watched Sweeney Todd today for like the mililonth time. It’s still amazing. Like seriously, I will never get sick of it. I just love it so much. *Cries in emo* 

 Ok but really, admit that musical is genius, and the movie was great too. Then again, seeing Alan Rickman made me sad. :c nyeh. In other news, I will not be able to upload a new video tomorrow because I was so tired today. I didn’t get around to filming. Sorry ;-;. I will be uploading again on Tuesday for sure. 

 Also, i’ve talked a bit about this on Snapchat, but if you guys ever find LED speakers with water in them you must buy them xD. You will not be disappointed, trust me. They are soooo cool aah~ ❤ 

 Favorite song today- “Keep Myself Alive” by Get Scared. 

 Have a good day/evening! 

 -Chloe Nightingale 


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